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High Performance Distributed password recovery

Break complex passwords, recover strong encryption keys, and unlock documents in a production environment. ElcomSoft Distributed Password recovery is a high-end solution for forensic and government agencies, data recovery and password recovery services, and enterprise users with multiple networked workstations connected via a LAN or the Internet. ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery offers unique acceleration technologies and linear scalability with no overhead.

Features and benefits

  • Hardware acceleration (patented) reduces marking recovery time by a factor of 250
  • Support for intel integrated graphics cores, dedicated Nvidia CUDA and AMD Radeon HD graphics cards as hardware accelerators
  • Heterogeneous acceleration allows mixing GPU brands and models
  • Portable live system analysis tools enable hash extraction from a range of encrypted container and password managers
  • Linear scalability with no overhead, up to 10.Support 000 workstations
  • On-demand provisioning of Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure cloud instances
  • Supports encrypted volumes created by all common crypto containers, including BitLocker, FileVault 2 (including APFS volumes), Luks and Luks2, TrueCrypt, Veracrypt, PGP, and Jetico Bestcrypt.
  • Recovers passwords to popular backup tools from Acronis, Makrium, and Veeam
  • User-defined dictionaries automatically distributed across active agents
  • Allows up to 64 CPUs or CPU cores and up to 32 GPUs per processing node
  • Broad compatibility takes into account document and system passwords for various file formats
  • Brute force attack with flexible masks
  • Dictionary attack with mutations and user-defined mutation rules
  • Distributed password recovery over LAN, Internet, or both
  • Console management for flexible control from any networked PC
  • Plug-in architecture enables additional file formats
  • Flexible load balancing with scheduling
  • Minimal bandwidth usage
  • All network communications between clients restored and the server are securely encrypted
  • Flexible queue control enables easy job management
  • Store all findings that have been discovered and form a separate/internal dictionary (password cache)
  • Remote client deployment and uninstallation
  • Agents and servers can run as system services without an active user session
  • Logs CPU time and resource usage, password recovery jobs, and user activity
  • Industry certified: Microsoft Gold certified partner, Intel Software Partner, NVIDIA Developer Support

Hardware acceleration

ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery uses revolutionary patented technology to speed up password recovery when a compatible NVIDIA or AMD graphics card is present in addition to CPU-only mode. Hardware acceleration uses GPU cores from Nvidia Geforce boards, AMD GPUs, and GPU cores integrated with Intel CPUs, including Intel HD Graphics, UHD Graphics, and Intel Iris.

Acceleration technology offloads portions of computational processing to the fast and highly scalable processors presented in the latest graphical accelerators, achieving unprecedented recovery speeds that exceed those available only to CPU users by significant margin.

Elcomsoft Pioneering asynchronous. Heterogeneous acceleration allows the use of multiple graphics cards of different brands and models, effectively using existing hardware and squeezing out the last performance of each supported component.

Elcomsoft Drive Decryptor Explained – How to remove bitlocker and other encryption – Priyank Gada

Wide compatibility

ElcomSoft Distributed Password recovery supports a wide range of applications and file formats, allowing recovery of key figures from office documents, Adobe -PDF.

Application family
Type of recovery
Password types
Hardware acceleration
ZIP archivesPKZIP, Winzip.ZIPPER, .ExePasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
ZIP archivesWinzip (AES).ZIPX. .ExePasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
Bitcoin -WalletBitcoin coreWallet.datPasswordNvidia
7zip archives7zip.7z, .7z.001, .ExePasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
RAR -ArchiveRar/winrar 3/4/5.RarPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
Microsoft Office 2007Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, Project.Docx, .Xlsx, .Accdb, .Pptx, .ONE, .MSPXPasswordOpeningNvidia, AMD, Intel
Microsoft Office 2010Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, Project.Docx, .Xlsx, .Accdb, .Pptx, .ONE, .MSPXPasswordOpeningNvidia, AMD, Intel
Microsoft Office 2013, 2016, 2019Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote.Docx, .Xlsx, .Accdb, .Pptx, .ONE, .MSPXPasswordOpeningNvidia, AMD, Intel
Microsoft Office XP/2003Word, Excel, PowerPoint.Document, .Xls, .PptPasswordOpening
Microsoft Office 97/2000Word Excel.Document, .XlsPasswordOpening
Microsoft Office 97/2000Word Excel.Document, .XlsKey, guaranteed decryptionOpening
Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Compact.MDF, .SDFPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
OpenDocumentWord processing.ODT, .Ott, .SXW, .StwPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
OpenDocumentSpreadsheets.ODS, .OTS, .SXC, .STCPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
OpenDocumentPresentations.ODP, .OTP, .Sxi, .StiPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
OpenDocumentGraphic/Drawing.ODG, .Otg, .SXD, .StdPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
OpenDocumentFormulas, mathematical equations.ODF, .SXMPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
My officeMyoffice text, MyOffice spreadsheet.Docx, .Xlsx, .ODT, .ODTXPasswordOpeningNvidia, AMD, Intel
Microsoft MoneyMicrosoft money.MnyPassword
Intuit accelerateIntuit accelerate.QdfPasswordNvidia
Hangul/Hancom Office 2010Hanword.HWPPassword
Hangul/Hancom Office 2014Hanword.HWPPassword
Hangul/Hancom Office 2010Hancell.CELLPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
Hangul/Hancom Office 2014Hancell.TONGUEPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
PGPPGP -ZIP -Archives.PGPPasswordNvidia
PGPPGP Secret Key Rings.SkrPasswordNvidia
PGPPGP hard disk (volume encryption).PGDPasswordNvidia
PGPPGP self-billing archives Archive.ExePassword
PGPPGP -encryption of the whole diskPasswordNvidia
CertificatesPersonal information exchange certificates – PKCS #12.PFX, .P12PasswordNvidia
VPNInternet key exchange (IKE) passwordsPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
TrueCrypt, VeracryptTrueCrypt and Veracrypt full disk encryptionPasswordNvidia
TrueCrypt, VeracryptTrueCrypt and Veracrypt encrypted containersPasswordNvidia
BestcryptBestcrypt -containers and volumesPassword
BitlockerBitlocker and Bitlocker to go disk encryptionPasswordNvidia, AMD
Fileivault 2HFS/HFS+ and APFS encryption with full diskPasswordNvidia, AMD
LuksLuks disks and containersPasswordNvidia
Luks2LUKS2 disks and containersPassword
HashesMD5 hashesPasswordNvidia
HashesSalted MD5 hashesPasswordNvidia
HashesSHA-1PasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
HashesSHA-256PasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
HashesSHA-512PasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
Adobe Acrobat PDF X/XI/DCPDF with 256-bit encryption.PDFPasswordUsers and owners
Adobe Acrobat PDF 9.XPDF with 256-bit encryption.PDFPasswordUsers and ownersNvidia, AMD
Adobe Acrobat PDF 5-8PDF with 128-bit encryption.PDFPasswordUser and ownerNvidia, AMD
Adobe Acrobat PDFPDF with 40-bit encryption.PDFPasswordUser and owner
Adobe Acrobat PDFPDF with 40-bit encryption.PDFKey, guaranteed decryptionUser
System passwordsMicrosoft WindowsPasswordLogon (LM/NTLM/PIN)Nvidia
System passwordsMicrosoft WindowsPasswordSYSKEY
System passwordsMicrosoft WindowsPasswordDCC (Domain cached credentials)Nvidia, AMD, Intel
System passwordsUnixPasswordUser
System passwordsMac OS XLogin.KeychainPasswordKeychainNvidia
System passwordsMac OS XPasswordUserNvidia
System passwordsMac OS XDMGPasswordDMG imageNvidia
Password managerHold.KBDX, .KBD, .PWDPasswordMasterNvidia, AMD, Intel
Password managerKeepass (RDBX4).KBDXPasswordMaster
Password manager1PasswordWindows / macOS / Android / iOS; backups to Dropbox and iCloud DrivePasswordMasterNvidia, AMD, Intel
Password ManagerLastPassWindows, macOS and Linux browser plug-ins, Android appPasswordMasterNvidia, AMD, Intel
Password managerDashlaneWindows, macosPasswordMasterNvidia, AMD, Intel
System passwordsWire networksPasswordWPA and WPA2Nvidia, AMD, Intel, AVX2
LotusLotus Notes (RC2).ID CARDPassword
LotusLotus Notes (AES).IDPasswordNvidia, AMD, Intel
LotusLotus NotesAdmindata.xmlPassword
LotusHCl Domino R12Password
OracleOracle DBPasswordUser passwords of users
RitlabsThe bat!Master key.datPasswordMaster
RitlabsThe bat!.TBKPasswordBackup
MozillaMozilla, Firefox, ThunderbirdPasswordMaster
iPhone/iPod/iPad BackupiTunesPasswordNvidia, AMD
Blackberry BackupBlackberry Desktop software (old).IPD, .BBBPasswordAes-ni
Blackberry BackupBlackberry Desktop software (6.0+ for Windows, 2.0+ for Mac)PasswordNvidia, AMD
Apple iwork'09Pages, Numbers, Keynote.Pages, .Numbers, .KeyPasswordOpeningNvidia, AMD, Intel
Apple Iwork 2013/2014Pages, numbers, keynote.Pages, .Numbers, .KeyPasswordOpeningNvidia, AMD, Intel
Tally VaultTally ERP 9.900PasswordOpening
Windows Easy TransferWindows Easy Transfer.MiGPassword
ParallelParallel virtual machinesConfiguration.PVSPassword
VirtualboxVirtual Box Virtual Machines.VboxPasswordNvidia, AMD
VMwareVMware Virtual Machines.VMXPasswordNvidia, AMD
AcronisAcronis True Image, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.TibPasswordBackup
AcronisAcronis True Image, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.TibxPasswordBackupNvidia, AMD, Intel
MakriumMacrium reflects 8.Mrimg, .MrbakPasswordBackupNvidia, AMD, Intel
VeeamVeeam -Backup -ReplicationPasswordBackupNvidia, AMD, Intel
FileMakerFileMaker Pro 10 – 19Password

Important notice: Hardware acceleration (only for certain file formats and algorithms see above table) works properly only on Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit or 64-bit); Specific versions of Nvidia/AMD drivers are required; Some other restrictions apply (e.G. For some file formats, it is implemented for brute force attacks only, while the dictionary attack works on CPU only, consider the settings).

Distributed recovery with linear scalability and cloud computing

Unlike the competition, ElcomSoft Distributed Password recovery is not "convenient or "practical" linear in scalability not" or. By doubling the number of PCs working on one password.

By transferring the minimal information over the network, ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery enables massively parallel operation and scales linearly up to 10.000 workstations without scalability overhead.

ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. High-performance distributed password recovery with GPU acceleration on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs password

ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery enables distributed work over LAN, Internet or both. Minimal bandwidth requirements ensure no scalability overhead for even the slowest connections.

Convenient management console enables control Elcomsoft Distributed password recovery from any networked PC.

Users can quickly deliver additional compute power on demand by leveraging GPU acceleration from Amazon EC2 compute units and Microsoft Azure instances. Depending on performance requirements and budget constraints, Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure instances can scale quickly to accelerate the job, and can scale again when not in use. Elcomsoft Distributed Running in an Amazon cloud, password recovery is a perfect solution when additional processing power is needed without having to invest in setting up permanent infrastructure on your own end.

With ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery supporting cloud computing instances, users can get as much speed as they need, when they need it. Support for additional cloud services coming soon.

Access to evidence stored in encrypted virtual machines

The use of virtual machines is on the rise, allowing criminals to cover their activities under a virtual umbrella. While an encrypted virtual machine can preserve massive evidence, and can significantly reduce the risk of an accidental leak of incriminating evidence. ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery helps investigators gain access to all this evidence by breaking the original encryption password.

Three of the most popular virtual machines are supported: VMware, Parallels and VirtualBox. The tool can attack and recover the original VM encryption passwords and help investigators gain access stored in encrypted images.

Strict data protection control

The included ElcomSoft hash extractor tool allows extraction of encryption metadata from a variety of file formats. By using encryption metadata to set up attacks, you automatically ensure that absolutely no raw or encrypted data falls into the wrong hands in the event of a breach, as none is contained in the extracted hash files.

ElcomSoft Hash Extractor allows you to set up attacks on a tiny hash file instead of the original, potentially large file or document. Since there is no raw or encrypted data in encryption metadata Remote control and cloud processing without the risk of content leakage.

The optional portable Execution From this tool enables better portability and flexibility, and provides significantly easier extraction of password and encryption hashes from live systems.

ElcomSoft Hash Extractor now supports Microsoft Office, Open Document, Apple Iwork and Adobe Acrobat documents.

How GPU acceleration works

With brute force password recovery attack, it is possible, albeit time-consuming, to recover passwords from popular applications using the power of the computer's main CPU. However, the processing power of a general-purpose CPU is no longer sufficient to penetrate many types of data protected by modern encryption methods. Vendors use tens of thousands of iterations to intentionally slow down recovery, making the job effectively impossible for all but the simplest passwords.

ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery uses dedicated powerful cores found in today's graphics cards, such as z. With several hundred GPU cores, a single graphics card can deliver speeds that far exceed the metrics of a high-end CPU. ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery uses thoroughly optimized algorithms and achieves the recovery rates that are up to 250 times faster than CPU benchmarks only.

Today's PC motherboards support multiple graphics cards. Thanks to ElcomSoft's proprietary heterogeneous computing, ElcomSoft Distributed Password recovery supports a mix of up to 32 graphics cards, even if they have different brands and models, enabling even faster password recovery applications for a modest increase in hardware costs. The tool allows mixing NVIDIA and AMD boards of different generations in a single PC.

For more information, see GPU Acceleration frequently asked questions.


Wide range of formats supported

ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery supports a wide range of applications and file formats and allows recovering key figures from office documents, Adobe PDF.


  • ZIP (PKZIP, Winzip) archives, conventional encryption
  • ZIP (PKZIP, Winzip) archives, AES encryption (GPU accelerated)
  • RAR (Winrar) archives (GPU accelerated)
  • 7zip -Archive (GPU accelerated)

Microsoft Office documents

  • Microsoft Office 2007: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project (.Docx, .Xlsx, .Accdb, .Pptx, .MSPX) file opening password recovery (GPU accelerated)
  • Microsoft Office 2010: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote (.Docx, .Xlsx, .Accdb, .Pptx, .One) File opening password recovery (GPU accelerated)
  • Microsoft Office 2013, 2016, 2019: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote (.Docx, .Xlsx, .Accdb, .Pptx, .One) file opening password recovery (GPU accelerated)
  • Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint XP/2003 (.Document, .Xls, .PPT) (Password recovery "open") Password only)
  • Microsoft Word/Excel 97/2000 (.Document, .XLS) (Password recovery "Open") Password only)
  • Microsoft Word/Excel 97/2000 (.Document, .XLS) (guaranteed decryption)
  • Microsoft Money (password recovery)
  • Microsoft OneNote (password recovery)

Myoffice (GPU accelerated)

  • Word Processing (Text) Documents: .Docx, .ODT, .Ott, .SXW, .Stw
  • Spreadsheets: .Xlsx, .ODS, .OTS, .SXC, .STC

Opendocument (OpenOffice, StarOffice etc.) (GPU accelerated)

Apple iwork (GPU accelerated)

  • Pages (.Pages)
  • Numbers (.Numbers)
  • Keynote (.button)

Hangul/Hancom Office (Hanword, Hancell)

  • Hanword 2010
  • Hanword 2014
  • Hancell 2010 (GPU accelerated)
  • Hancell 2014 (GPU accelerated)
  • Hancom Office NEO 2016 (GPU accelerated)

Hard disk encryption and open-key passwords

  • PGP -ZIP -Archive (.PGP) (password recovery)
  • PGP Secret key rings (.SKR) (Passphrase Recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • PGP disks with conventional encryption (.PGD) (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • PGP self-authoring archives (.Exe) (password recovery)
  • PGP whole disk encryption (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • Personal Information Exchange Certificates – PKCS #12 (.PFX, .P12) (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • IKE (Internet Key Exchange) dump (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • TrueCrypt and Veracrypt (full disk encryption and encrypted containers) (GPU accelerated)
  • Luks and Luks2 slices and containers (GPU accelerated)
  • Fileivault 2 (GPU accelerated) on both HFS/HFS+ and APFS volumes
  • Bitlocker and Bitlocker go (GPU accelerated)
  • Bestcrypt 9 containers

Adobe Acrobat PDF

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF with 256-bit encryption ("User and "owner Password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF with 128-bit encryption ("User") and "Owner" password recovery)
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF with 40-bit encryption ("users") and "Owner Password Recovery)
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF with 40-bit encryption (guaranteed decryption)

System passwords

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (32-bit and 64-bit; all editions) Windows Server 2019/2016/2008/2003 logon bassen (LM/NTLM) (password recovery); Windows Hello pin codes (non-TPM systems) (GPU accelerated)
  • Windows Syskey -startup passwords (password recovery)
  • Windows DCC (Domain cached credentials) passwords (password recovery) (GPU acceleration)
  • UNIX user passwords (password audit/recovery)
  • Mac OS X -account passwords (GPU accelerated)

Virtual Machines

  • Parallels (fast CPU recovery), Virtualbox and VMware (GPU accelerated)


  • Acronis True Image, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (.Tib, .TIBX) (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • Macrium reflects 8 (.Mrimg, .MRBAK) (Password Recovery) (GPU Acceleration)
  • Veeam Backup -Replication (Password Recovery) (GPU accelerated)

Other passwords and hashes

  • Intuit Quicken (.QDF) (password recovery)
  • Lotus Notes ID files (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • MD5 hashes (plaintext recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • Salted MD5 hashes (plaintext recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • SHA-1/SHA-256/SHA-512 hashes (plaintext recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • Oracle user passwords (Password Audit/Recovery)
  • WPA and WPA2 passwords (GPU accelerated)
  • Mac OS X Keychain Password (GPU accelerated)
  • The bat! Master passwords (MasterKey.dat) and passwords to backups (*.TBK)
  • Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird -Master -Passwords (password recovery)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (.MDF) (Password Recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact (.SDF) (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • iPhone/iPod/iPad backups (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • Blackberry backups (.IPD, .BBB) (password recovery) (GPU accelerated)
  • FileMaker databases
  • Apple slice image (.DMG) Passwords
  • Keepass, LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane Master password (GPU accelerated)
  • Bitcoin Wallet -Passwords like Bitcoin Core, Classic, XT and Unlimited
  • Tally ERP 9 Vault passwords
  • Simple transfer (.MIG)

How to order

ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery is licensed based on number of instances (agents). We accept all major credit cards, checks, bank transfers and purchase orders. Sales taxes can be added to your order according to your jurisdiction. Credit card orders are processed immediately. Electronic licenses are generally available immediately after credit card fee is approved. In rare cases where we need to manually verify your order, the license will be available in 48 hours or .

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